Bobcat are common in New York but they are usually seen in the Adirondack, Catskill and Taconic regions. It's rare you see one in a backyard but it happened in Richfield Springs.

David Jones was cleaning out his pool when one waltzed by. Luckily he was able to scare it away but his wife Donna says "my family has owned this land for more than 100 years and nothing like this has ever happened before."

Jones is an avid hunter and Donna says he's never experienced anything life this. "Unfortunately I wasn't there at the time. I always miss the good stuff," jokes Donna.

Bobcats occupy 13,500 square miles (a little more than one-quarter) of New York. There are bout 5 bobcats for every 100 square miles in the Adirondacks according to the DEC.

If you see a bobcat report sightings to the DEC.


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