There's a bear prowling around the Westmoreland Rome area. Tony Taurisano caught the bear in his backyard on a webcam.

The black bear jumped Taurisano's 5 foot fence. "He destroyed all my bird feeders and came up to the back door too. I've never seen a bear in Westmoreland."

The bear wandered into Taurisano's backyard in the West Carter & Lower Lawrence area in Westmoreland Tuesday, May 16th. You can check out the webcam video.

Bears aren't uncommon in the Adirondacks but aren't usually seen in residential areas.

It's against the law to feed bears and the NY Department of Environmental Conservation has tips to avoid bear encounters.

  • Avoid leaving bird feeders out after April 1st
  • Properly cleaning a grill after using it, including the grease trap
  • Secure garbage cans
  • Do not put meat scraps, bones and melon rinds in compost piles


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