Nobody puts Bindi in a corner. Bindi Irwin took center stage when she and Derek Hough performed the 'Dirty Dancing' scene on Dancing with the Stars.

For movie night, Irwin and Hough recreated the iconic dance, lift and all, despite Hough never doing a lift before. "I felt the pressure tonight re-creating this iconic dance."

As a kid, I saw 'Dirty Dancing' more times than I can count. Watching Bindi and Derek perform transported me right back to 1987 when I was obsesses with Patrick Swayze/Johnny Castle, begging mom to rent the VHS at the movie store for the thousandth time.

Head back to the summer of 1963 in the Catskill mountains and fall in love with 'Dirty Dancing' all over again.

Bindi received a PERFECT score and is on her way to taking the mirror ball trophy back to Australia.

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