The stars have made their way into Upstate New York, did you get a chance to see them?

The drama filled, money hungry world of Showtime's "Billions" has made it's way out of Wall Street and into the snowy tundra up north. Film crews were recently seen shooting the show's 7th season at the White Pine Camp and on Paul Smith's College campus.

Credit - Paul Smith's College via Facebook
Credit - Paul Smith's College via Facebook

According to Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the filming was being shot on a "closed set". This meant no pictures were allowed to be taken. When asked what stage of the production the show was at, Senior VP and Entertainment Public Relations spokesperson Amanda Cary said they can't say anything at this time.

Showtime will reveal more once the air date for the season gets closer.

"Billions" Series Premiere
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What is 'Billions' About

The gripping show follows the story of hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) as he gains wealth and power in the cunning world of high finance. His plans to aggressively get high returns become illegal, of which U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) is looking to stop.

The show is popular among it's viewers, bringing in a 8.4 star rating on IMDB.

It's unsure if the filming of the show at Paul Smith's means Season 7 will take place in the Adirondacks or not. There was scaffolding placed outside the college's forestry cabin, assuming they were shooting into the second floor.

Credit - Paul Smith's College via Facebook
Credit - Paul Smith's College via Facebook

The filming for the episode wrapped up on Thursday, March 16th. Just in time for all the students to return back from spring break. Now we have to patiently wait until the new season airs, even though we have no idea when that will actually be.

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