You literally could be in very close proximity of some major stars when you get cast to be in what is arguably Showtime's most popular show.

If you couldn't tell by the picture above with Paul Giamatti, you could be in the show Billions when it films its sixth season. Luckily for you, if you want to be in it, it won't be all too far of a drive to be part of it either. You'll just have to head on over to the Lake George area of the state, Bolton Landing to be exact.

The very binge-worthy show Billions Is seeking some extras, which may not seem all too glamourous, but you're going to be on the screen. On top of that, you get paid for the opportunity too. Pay looks to be $165 for 10 hours of work. If you're able to work both days, that is an added plus in your favor. So if you are or you know someone who loves the TV show, make sure you have them apply.

There are very few requirements, the most important being that you are available later on this month. The exact dates are October 27th and 28th. Another major requirement is that you can prove that you are vaccinated. You will be playing an extra that is an upscale hotel guest, they also say having an upscale car is definitely a plus. Their only request is that the car not be red or white.

Will you be in the sixth season of Billions when it films in Upstate New York?

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