Every year, we at Big Frog 104 look forward to helping local senior citizens who may be in need during the holidays. And starting Monday, "Santa For Seniors" returns. Our thanks to the Oneida County Office For Aging and Subway for making it possible. If you've never participated in this holiday effort, here's how it works.

We'll share a brief story on the air about a local senior who needs a little help during the holidays, and list items that they need. Usually they're simple things like hats, gloves and warm clothing. We then ask you to call in and volunteer to purchase those items for that particular senior.

It's easy, heartwarming, and a way to make someone's Christmas time a bit brighter (and it'll make you feel good too). Subway is saying thank you for giving back by giving away party platters for your holiday party.  Everyone who becomes a 'Santa For a Senior' will go into a drawing for the weekly party platter.

Call our studio anytime at 736-0104 or 800-839-1043 to become a Santa for a Senior or  email Polly Wogg anytime for more details at polly@bigfrog104.com.




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