Did you know we live right around the corner from New York's Geographical center?

One user created a Google Map of each U.S. states geographical center. The geographical center can be defined as the most central locations of each state’s geographical boundary. These points have nothing to do with people, they are simply the center of the state.

New York's point according to this map is located at (Lat) 42° 57.9', (Lon) -76° 1.0'. This location is in Jamesville, which is a hamlet in the town of DeWitt, New York. Google also mentions that this point is in Madison County, 12 miles South of Oneida and 26 miles South West of Utica. It is debated this mark can be moved to Oneida Castle.

Does this give CNY any sort of perks or benefit? No. Is it a cool fact you may have not known before? Yes.

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