It's back! The cutest, fastest and must "fur"-ocious night on the track returns for another year in Central New York .

The 2nd annual Corgi Race is back at Vernon Downs Casino. Is your pooch ready to run?

First Corgi Race

The first Corgi Race in 2023 was a resounding success and so much fun to watch. Just look at some of the action. Aren't those little guys and gals adorable running down the track?

For a breed of dogs with tiny legs, those Corgis sure are able to run fast. The photo finish was almost the same as this year's Kentucky Derby - one coming from the outside to win by a nose.

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Heat is On

Think you're Corgi has what it takes to beat the competition this year? The heat is on.

If you think your Corgi is the fast, Vernon Downs wants to see it.

To sign up your four legged racer, all you have to do is send a message to Vernon Downs on their Facebook page. Don't wait. There's only so many spots available.

"We will then provide further information. Space is limited."

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The 2nd annual Corgi Races are going down Saturday, June 22 at the hotel on Stuhlman Road in Vernon.

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