Summer isn't just tourist season in Old Forge, New York. It's also bear season. Days after a bear grabbed national attention for opening car doors in a driveway, another was seen strolling down the street.

Ricky LaPorte was working at the Tow Bar Inn in Old Forge when he noticed the bear. "I looked outside to see a young bear walking down the street." The second time he saw the bear, Ricky grabbed his phone to record. "There were actually two of them. I believe they were twins."

Locals know bears are common in the Adirondacks and to keep all food, and garbage in a bear resistant canister. It's not a good idea to cook or eat after dark either. Just ask these campers who had a bear join their picnic.

DO NOT leave any food in your car either. Even if the doors are locked, bears can and will find a way in. Just look at one did to this car.

If you do come across a bear, you should make noise to scare it away as the man did in the video of the bear walking down the street. Normally the bear will run off. If you're in no danger, just leave the bear alone. Remember, you're in their habitat, not the other way around. If there's no food to be found, bears will usually move on. Watch as one strolls through a camp.

Watch the bear open doors of a van in Old Forge, looking for food for her babies, seen at the end of the video that's gone viral on Facebook.

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