Madison County Health Department Environmental Health Director, Geoffrey Snyder, announced swimming at Lakeland Park and Willow Bank Yacht Club on Cazenovia Lake is permitted to resume.

Swimming at these two beaches was temporarily closed for swimming from July 10th -July 12th due to blue-green algae blooms that have since cleared. The beaches are able to reopen as of the afternoon of July 13th.

Cazenovia Village Officials advised that a visual verification noted that the blooms had cleared on July 12th and water sample field testing completed by the Madison County Health Department today showed water quality results at acceptable levels at both swim areas.

Beach operators and residents along the shore of Cazenovia Lake should remain alert for the return of blue green algae blooms, particularly in any swimming areas of the lake. Blue-green algae can come and go quickly. It you see it, avoid it, and report it to Madison County Health Department.

Exposure to any blue-green algae can cause health effects to people and animals when water with dense blooms is contacted, or swallowed, or when airborne droplets are inhaled.


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