Are you having a rough week? Just be thankful it didn't get any worse. By worse we mean when scientists claim that an asteroid "snuck up on us" and said asteroid almost hit Earth.

The Washington Post reports that the hunk of space rock named Asteroid 2019 OK, came within 45,000 miles of Earth. That’s less than one-fifth of the distance to the moon.

Michael Brown, a Melbourne-based observational astronomer, told The Washington Post. According to data from NASA, the craggy rock was large, an estimated 57 to 130 meters wide (187 to 427 feet)

“It snuck up on us pretty quickly,” said Brown, an associate professor in Australia with Monash University’s School of Physics and Astronomy. He later noted, “People are only sort of realizing what happened pretty much after it’s already flung past us.”"

The last-minute detection shows truly how much remains unknown about space. Also it reminds us of this famous scene from the movie Armagaddeon when the President questions NASA how they didn't detect a massive asteroid:

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