Ashton Wheedon is the newest member of the Super Mom Squad. She shares a story every mom can relate to, and it starts with "I was just trying to take a shower..."

Every mom has had one of those days - you forget to pick the kids up from practice, you drop your son off at a birthday party...after it ends. You feel guilty and think you're the only mom that's ever made such a mistake. It's time to take back the #momfail and celebrate those mistakes. When something goes wrong, it just makes you part of a Super Mom Squad - along with every mom who screwed up trying her best.

Ashton Wheedon of Deansboro tells her #momfail story:

I had plotted and planned accordingly and on a average day he would normally sit and watch Mickey Mouse club house. I turned it on and quickly ran into the shower (was only 5 min). Normally if he needed something he would come get me. Nope not this day... upon my entrance he was on the kitchen counter eating a bag of sugar. How he got there we will never know. He was wide awake the rest of the day!

Welcome to the Super Mom Squad, Ashton! You're also the winner of a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs. Kinney carries anything you need to keep your mom game at it's best. You can even grab an extra bag of sugar.

Congratulations, Ashton - you're a great mom.


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