A Herkimer teen wants to spend her birthday giving back and feeding the homeless.

Marietta Altieri is always puts the needs of others first. This year she wants to feed the homeless in New York City for her birthday, making her the December Kinney Kid of the Month.

Here's what her dad, Mark, had to say:

Hello let me introduce you to my very special daughter Marietta. They say parents inspire their children but in my case Marietta inspires me. Each day I awake she makes my lunch , gives a hug as I go to work and tells me it will be ok, we have each other. No matter how bad the day may be, how financial tough it gets or weeks we're running short on food, Marietta remains positive and boost my spirits.

With her part time job she is so unselfish. She helps with food , weeks we don't have enough for both of us but she makes sure I have a little something even though I tell her she comes first. She helps with gas in my truck to get to work and makes sure the cat and dog are given excellent care.

Marietta is the girl at school that remembers everyone's birthday. She brings in a cupcake or card and with a warm smile will greet her classmates with a 'happy birthday.' She made her teacher's baby a baby blanket to keep the baby warm and worked with her soccer teammates to put a basket together for their assistant coach expecting a baby.

She loves Jesus and her church family. She loves helping at all the dinners and church activities. She was head of Operation Christmas Child and made up 35 boxes for less fortunate children. Church youth leaders told me without Marietta stepping up this wouldn't be possible.

I'm trying to save up for Marietta's birthday. She wants to make lots of bag lunches with water for her birthday and go to NYC to pass out lunches to the homeless. She has told me she wants no other gifts, just the opportunity to help someone down on her birthday. Marietta is a truly remarkable loving young lady. Her church youth leaders, family, classmates and teachers will all tell you how special and how much love she has for others in her heart.

With tear in my eyes I wondering how I was so lucky to receive a special daughter like Marietta


Marietta knows it's not the material things, it's the people around us and the things we do to help others that matter most.

Congratulations to Marietta. She's our Kinney Kid of The Month, and the winner of a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs.


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