The latest Christmas gift craze for 2016 is Hatchimals, the giga-pet like toys that actually hatch out of an egg. The problem? They might as well be egg-stinct, because finding them in Central New York is next to impossible.

Honestly, we wanted to do the leg work for you if you're one of the unfortunate parents tasked with hunting down one of the elusive toys.

What we found is not the best news.

First we checked Walmart. No dice. That includes Herkimer, Utica, New Hartford and Rome Walmarts.

Next it was on to Target.


The associate at Target actually told us that when they get their trucks on Mondays and Wednesdays, customers are lined up at the door just in case the Hatchimals manufacturer sends a new batch.

Needless to say, when a few do show up they don't last long.

Finally we tried the one place that we thought could have Hatchimals in stock. If anyone was going to have them in CNY, it would be Toys R Us right?


Toys R Us said the same thing as Target, when their trucks arrive its a crapshoot whether any Hatchimals will be in the shipment. If there are then customers usually grab them up within minutes.

So this leaves you with three options:

  1. Try your luck online with Amazon or Ebay during Cyber Monday(warning: some reports say Hatchimals on Ebay are two or three times the retail price)
  2. Line up at stores when they get their delivery trucks and hope for the best
  3. Try using an I.O.U. - give your child a card with a picture of a Hatchimal and the promise that you'll get them one as soon as possible.

Take a look at this video all about Hatchimals:


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