The whole Rona thing has stopped us from doing lots of fun things we took for granted. For us, playing "Are You Smarter Than Polly" every morning was one of those things. Who doesn't love a Central New Yorker's creative answer to a generic question, plus there's a chance to make fun of Polly and win a Blu-ray copy of The War With Grandpa starring Robert Di Niro.

While the contest was never about the prize, but the fun of playing the game, it was the inability to deliver the winners' reward caused us to discontinue playing. COIVD prevented visitors from entering our building and most of our supporters; restaurants, concerts, and theaters were closed and unable to offer contest goodies.

But it's all behind us now, thru December 23 you can win with Tad and Polly every morning at 6:10, or join us live on Big Frog's Facebook page at 5:30. The first person to call with the right answer, or reply with it on our Facebook page will win the Blu-ray copy of The War With Grandpa. And we'll mail it to your home. As they used to say, get those dialing fingers ready. Our contest number is 315-736-0104. Or if you have the Big Frog app, it dials for you. Check out the movie trailer below.

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ABOUT: The War With Grandpa

It's the wise guy vs. the pint size when Robert De Niro gears up for an epic prank battle in the hilarious and heartfelt family comedy The War with Grandpa.  Featuring an all-star cast including Rob Riggle, Jane Seymour and Christopher Walken, get ready to laugh-out-loud with The War with Grandpa, yours to own or gift on Digital December 15 and on Blu-ray, and DVD December 22nd from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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