Experience a real scare this year for Halloween...if you dare. Take a tour or spend the entire night in New York's most haunted house.

Hinsdale House on McMahon Road in Hinsdale, New York is among the most famous and most haunted houses in the area. It has everything for a good scare; a mysterious history, ghosts, eerie noises and even an exorcism.

"Echoes of a Haunting," a book published in 2000 uncovered the secrets inside Hinsdale House where ​Clara and Phil Dandy lived with their children in the 70s. The family saw many spirits and called in a priest several times to perform exorcisms. The ghosts never stayed gone for long and the Dandy family ended up moving out. Families have moved into the Hinsdale house over the years but noone stayed long.

The Discovery Channel even dedicated an episode of "A Haunting" on the Dandy's and their experiences inside the Hinsdale House in 2006.

There are several tours throughout the month of October. You'll walk the grounds before entering the historic Hinsdale House. Hear history and stories from your guide while using ghost hunting equipment to see if you can connect with the other side. Get a schedule at The Hinsdeale House Restoration Project's Facebook page where you can even watch video of previous tours. Want more? You can even spend the night with teh Hinsdale overnight lockdown.

Hinsdale is Cattaraugus County, New York south of Buffalo.

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