It's been almost 100 years since the traffic light was invented. While they have made driving a lot safer, some are just way too annoying.

The Traffic Light was invented on November 20 1923, and to commemorate the date, we decided to highlight the absolute worst traffic lights in CNY.

Here are our picks:

The extra light in front of the Adirondack Bank Center at The Utica Memorial Auditorium:

Google Street View

This one is obviously here for pedestrian traffic to Aud events like Comets and Pioneers games, but why does the light have to operate during times when there are no events? Have you ever been stuck at this light at 6 a.m.?

The light coming off the Arterial heading Eastbound into Utica:

Google Street View

The problem here is heading the opposite direction of the picture. When you come off the arterial or State Street into Downtown you encounter this light (on the left above the pickup truck). It's probably better than the stop sign that used to be there, but it is a pain to sit at when you have to wait for THREE other lanes before your side turns green.

The light on the corner of Seneca Turnpike and Middle Settlement Road:

Google Street View

This light gets congested with people who aren't sure what lane to be in, and then there are like 7 different ways you can go. On top of that, to get to Commercial Drive you have to turn and sit at another set of lights!

The light at the corner of French Rd and Seward Ave

Google Street View

This light is on a timer(we think) so you'll end up sitting there for what seems like hours even if there isn't another soul around.

This crazy situation in Rome on Erie Blvd:

Google Street View

This light can get pretty confusing even for local, but try being an out-of-towner and approaching this light without an anxiety attack.

There you have it. In honor of the invention of the traffic light, our most hated traffic lights.

We're sure you have a few suggestions too and of course we want to hear them.