It may be too early to talk about the holiday season in Utica. That didn't stop Aqua Vino Restaurant and Banquets from granting a special wish for a Thanksgiving feast when time is a luxury.

Gina Marie shared the news on Facebook how Aqua Vino stepped up to the plate to grant a wish for one of a Abraham House guests and her family.

When time is luxury that you do not have, why not celebrate the holidays a little early? Beverly Esche, Trish Morgan, Robert Esche, and staff came through without hesitation. A compete Thanksgiving feast was provided and enjoyed. Our family and community thank you"

Looking at the photos, Thanksgiving in September looked incredible:

Aqua Vino Grants Local Wish For Thanksgiving In September

Aqua Vino Restaurant and Banquets granted a special wish for a Thanksgiving feast in September:

Joe Fargo said it best on the post: "What a blessing to make a last wish come true."

Thank you Aqua Vino's for being an amazing part of the Central New York community.

Aqua Vino/Babes Urged Customers to Never Forget 9/11 With Surprise Free Meal

Two Utica restaurants surprised customers on Saturday with a free bill, in hopes that they always remember the events that happened on September 11th, 2001.

"Today in lieu of your bill, you are receiving this card, along with an American flag. All that we ask is that you think back to this day 20 years ago and remember the sacrifices that were made, the hardships that ensued, and the ubiquitous patriotism that represents who we are as Americans."

Babe’s and Aqua-Vino gave everyone who came into their restaurants free lunch / dinner ALL DAY on 911. You can read the full story from WIBX here.

Where To Buy Fresh Apple Cider Within 100 Miles Of The Utica Rome Area- A - Z List

Looking for some fresh Apple Cider across the Central New York and Mohawk Valley? There are quite a few places to choose from within 100 miles of the Utica and Rome area.

We organized them from A - Z for you to check out. Here's that list:

Halloween Attractions To Check Out In The Utica and Rome Area



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