When you think Antarctica, you think of extremely cold temps, tons of snow, and wind chills at crazy levels. However, that isn't the case this week. It is the case for Central New York.

This week Central New York and Upstate New York have experienced record setting snow, and extremely cold wind chills. That's pretty much a typical day in Antarctica and the South Pole.

However, at the time of this story, several weather stations in Antarctica are reporting temperatures in the mid 20's to low 40's. Some station wind chills are at -20 as of 5:30AM, but most are right around zero.

Where are we at in Utica? Utica is at -13 with the real feel at -18. Of course the more North you travel, the colder it is. This was the recorded temperature at 5:30AM.

I mean, it's summer at the South Pole right?


(Post inspired by K1025)