The animals at Stevens-Swan Humane Society are in desperate need of blankets. "If you are doing spring cleaning, please think of the animals that will happily sleep on your old bedding," urges the humane society on Facebook.

The blankets can be new or used. The shelter uses larger comforters for the dogs and smaller fleeces or towels for the cats. "Since bedding is washed daily, the comforters hold up better than dog beds," says John from Stevens-Swan.

Check your closets for any old comforters you're not using. The animals at Stevens-Swan will put them to good use. "The dogs tear through them on a daily basis," says John.

You can drop off donations anytime at 5664 Horatio Street in Utica. Stevens-Swan is open 11am-4:30pm Tuesday through Saturday but there is a bin outside if they are closed when you stop by.

Want more information? Call the Stevens-Swan Humane Society at (315)738-4357 or visit

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