Oh baby! Lambing season is officially in swing, and the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville started the season off right with an adorable set of twins.

The two male black belly sheep made their entrance into the world Tuesday morning, and both mom and her lambs are doing well. The Animal Adventure Park shared the news on its Facebook page, writing that despite the recent freezing temperatures across New York State, mother sheep are able to deliver and clean off their young without issue, and that the lambs are able to join the flock soon after.

Courtesy of the Animal Adventure Park

The park shared this photo of the lambs, which was taken just hours after they were born.

Lambing season just started, so the park expects many more birth announcements in the coming weeks.

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The Animal Adventure Park also recently welcomed a rare animal to its family after one of the park's red kangaroo's gave birth to a white, leucistic joey that may be the only animal of its kind in the United States. Although leucistic animals are similar to albinos, they have black color pigmentation in their eyes instead of the red-eyed albino mutation.

Photo Credit -Animal Adventure Park

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