Summer is almost here, and especially because of the coronavirus pandemic, more people will probably be hitting the road soon for trips in their car. Here's a reminder to not be THAT driver that puts a sour in the family roadtrip.

A study from Allstate Insurance last year confirmed what a lot of Central New Yorkers will openly admit... that New York drivers are crazy. But acknowledgment doesn't necessarily make it okay.

I recently moved, so my commute to and from work now includes about 40 minutes on the Thruway. About a week ago, I was driving westbound on the Thruway and went to pass a car. I checked my mirror and blind spots and saw no cars in the left lane, so I moved over and proceeded to pass, while going 11 over the speed limit, I'd like to add. All of a sudden, I saw a HUGE lifted truck speeding closer and closer in my rearview mirror, quickly coming so close to the back of my car that it seemed like the driver thought we were at the county fair playing bumper cars. BACK IT UP BUDDY! I couldn't immediately move over because of the car i was passing, but I got back into the right lane as soon as it was safe to, and when the the driver of the truck passed, I caught a glimpse of him laughing at the fact that he'd just intimidated the heck of of me. In the heat of the moment, I didn't think to write down his license plate, but I wasn't the only one he had the pleasure of freaking out as he sped on and tailgated every car I could see in front of me.

To THAT guy. To the drivers who tailgate. To the drivers who cut other drivers off. To the drivers who try to intimidate other drivers and honestly act like Grade-A jerks.


It's not cute. It's not funny. You're only increasing the chance of an accident and putting other people in a bad mood.

Getting where you're going a tiny bit faster is not worth causing a crash or risking someone's life. Just take a few breaths and be considerate of other drivers on the road.

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