A new Travel and Leisure magazine survey of Ameican cities reveals what New York City dwellers  have known for a long time. They are NOT citizens of the rudest city in the U.S. Here is a list of the top 20 least hospitable cities along with a short list of the friendliest.

20. Anchorage

19. Houston

18. Providence

17. Santa Fe

16. Seattle

15. Chicago

14. San Francisco

13. Memphis

12. Phoenix/Scottsdale

11. Atlanta

10. Dallas/Fort Worth

9. Orlando

8. Las Vegas

7. Baltimore

6. Boston

5. Washington

4. Miami

3. Philadelphia

2. New York City

1. Los Angeles

via Rudest city in the USA? Hint: It's not what you're probably thinking - USATODAY.com.

The friendlisest cities? Nashville, Tennessee, Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. Must be that old southern charm!

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