If you have to guess, which city in the U.S. would you choose as the dirtiest? Travel and Leisure Magazine asked its readers to rate just how dirty some of America's cities are, and the magazine has complied the answers for its "Top 10 Dirtiest U.S. Cities" list.

How was a city judged on its dirtiness? According to the Travel and Leisure website, a city was rated on things like "litter, air pollution, [and] even the taste of local tap water."

And, coming in at number one for dirtiest city is New Orleans. According to the Travel and Leisure article, although those taking part in the poll voted the city as the dirtiest, "Voters embraced the city’s fun-loving spirit, ranking New Orleans first for its nightlife and eclectic people-wathcing."

Coming in at number two was Philadelphia, and after that was Los Angeles, Memphis and New York City. Those cities round out the top five--but, if you would like to read the full article and the rest of the dirtiest cities in the U.S., check out the Travel and Leisure Magazines's article: click here to read it. The website also lets you vote for your favorite U.S. cities.

Instead on dirtiest, let's rank the best cities in New York. Which cities in New York are the best? Best food, best entertainment, best everything?

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