You can find out what the American Pickers picked when they stopped in New York. The episode finally airs on the History Channel.

The American Pickers crew visited Owego, New York last fall. Mike Wolfe and Jon Szalay stopped by Old Souls Home and the Early Owego Antique Center, before hitting 2nd Time Around Restorations in Apalachin.

“The entire crew loved Owego, and couldn’t stop saying enough about it,” Chris Knickerbocker of Old Souls Home tells the Morning Times.

2nd Time Around Restoration

A car being restored for a customer at 2nd Time Around Restoration in Apalchin caught the attention of Mike and Jersey Jon. When they went for a visit, a 1910 Indian that was being restored also garnered a second look.

Mike and Jon visited for around a hour and bought some items but you'll have to wait and watch to find out what treasures they obtained.

Credit - 2nd Time Around Restorations
Credit - 2nd Time Around Restorations

Pickers Picking in New York

This isn't the first time the American Pickers have come to see what our area has to offer. In 2019 the crew traveled to Rensselaer Falls to check out the collection of Kyle "Fireball" Hartman, including a 57 T-Bird called "Fireball Hartman."

Fireball passed away on March 13, 2019, at the age of 69. He owned River House Wares & Restoration and tried getting American Pickers to come for years. They finally did...two months after he died.

American Pickers toured Hartman's collection with his son David Hartman.

Photo Credit - History Channel/American Pickers
Photo Credit - History Channel/American Pickers

Picking in Little Falls

In 2015 American Pickers discovered treasures in Little Falls. The crew spent 15 hours at a barn, meeting and dealing with Rich Marocco and Mike Lonis. They ended up taking home 54 items.

Whenever Mike is in Central New York, he stops in Syracuse to visit with an old friend. "This is Frank Westfall from Syracuse NY.....mentor, friend, and insane antique motorcycle enthusiast," Wolfe shared on Facebook. "Guys like this build you up and teach you what’s important in life."

Watch American Pickers in New York

You can watch the American Pickers episode in Owego, New York Wednesday, July 12 at 9 PM on the History Channel.

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