The American Idol Top 5 performed what America asked for. This week, the hopefuls sang songs chosen by the viewers.  Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson had the performances of the night. Alex delivered a tender moment, while Caleb rocked the roof off the place.

Alex Preston

Alex Preston, sitting on a stool, surrounded by candles, showed his tender, vulnerable side for the first time with 'Say Something.'  It was the best of the night, up to that point and way better than his first performance of 'Sweater Weather,' a song I'd never heard before. It even impressed A Great Big World.

Alex Preston 'Say Something'

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson redeemed himself after his lackluster performance of 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing,' rocking out to Whitesnake's 'Still of the Night.'  The performance had Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on their feet, rockin' out, hair flip and all.

Fox via YouTube
Fox via YouTube

Caleb Johnson 'Still of the Night'

Jena Irene

Jena Irene, who's been a frontrunner, had an ok night. Her first performance was better than the second.  I'd never heard 'My Body' but was entertained as she worked the stage.  However, 'Valerie' left a little to be desired. Maybe it was just the song choice, but its the first time in awhile, Jena hasn't been spot on.

Jena Irene 'My Body'

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse finally showed emotion, a tattoo and a little leg in her sexy performance of 'Summertime Sadness.' Although Keith wanted a little more, I thought it was an improvement.

Jessica Meuse 'Summertime Sadness'

Sam Woolf

The girls love Sam.  He's cute and has good a decent voice, but I'm not sure his talent is on the same level as the other four. Ed Sheeran was impressed with his version of 'Sing.'

Sam Woolf 'Sing'

One of the best parts of watching Idol this season is watching Keith jam out during the performances.

One more will be sent home tonight.  My money is on Jessica and Sam in the bottom two. Although I thinks it's Sam's time to go, his screaming teenaged fans may keep him around another week. Keith Urban will also perform, so I'll be tuning into Fox at 9. What will he be singing? Keith gives a hint as he rehearses with his band.

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