Down on the corner, out in the street, an Albany musician's playin,' brought a cop to his feet. Officer Glenn Szelest has been taken off the street after an altercation with Leif Solemn, who was playing on the sidewalk.

Solemn says the officer told him to stop playing since he didn't have a permit. "Go down to City Hall and they'll explain everything to you," Szelest is heard saying in a video, taken by Solem's girlfirend.

Not only is there no law against playing on Albany streets, a permit isn't required for musicians to perform on the sidewalk.

Officer Szelest claims Solemn was blocking the sidewalk. "You have debris, shirts, that people cannot walk down the sidewalk — they have to walk around you."

Not only was there only a few people on the streets, the "sidewalk is more than 25 feet wide from the front of 7 N. Pearl, where Solem was standing, to the curb," according to the Times Union.

The officer even called for help to deal with the 'aggressive panhandlers' after the woman behind the camera asked for his ID.

Solem was given a ticket for "disorderly conduct" and will have to appear in court. He's calling on musicians and artists to join a protest/performance Monday.

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