What happens when you vacuum puppy poop? Ask Rome native Jessica Sheridan, who's turd tale will leave you in tears.

Sheridan recently rescued Skye, a border collie mix and she's not quite house broken yet. "I was vacuuming and accidentally ran over one of her turds."

Didn't she smell it? "Yes, I did smell something," say Sheridan. "I thought it was a bad Pupperoni fart."

Didn't she see it? "No, I didn't see the turd. My area rug is brown."

Sheridan managed to get the mess out of the rug but it's her vacuum she was concerned about. "I took it apart, but I don't know what else to do. How will I get the poop out of the hose? It's all up in there."

So she turned to Facebook for help. "I got a lot of recommendations but most said to throw it out. The vacuum is less than a year old so I had to try and save it."

Save it she did. "Thankfully a larger turd clogged the hole to the holding tank so the poop only smushed around in the brush for a bit."

Unfortunately there's no photo or video of the turd-tastrophe. "I was too mad," says Sheridan who can now see the humor in the whole thing. "It's been a few weeks. I can laugh at myself now."

Photo Credit: Jessica Sheridan
Photo Credit: Jessica Sheridan


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