A 9th grade student at Mount Markham high school is speaking out after being punched at school.

Video on Facebook shows 14 year-old Juliana Burke being hit by another 9th grade student. "It happened while I was at lunch with my friends. This was planned with a group of kids to record," claims Burke.

The incident has forced Burke to admit her own faults. She says she's done some bad things herself but wants to make a change. "In this past year I have made some pretty terrible decisions. I hurt people. I did bad things. I put people down instead of bringing them up. I got into a fist fight with another student instead of reporting her. Now I realize exactly how it feels to be tormented. So my goal for 2018 is to stand up against bullying and stand up for others."

School Superintendent Paul Berry has been made aware of the incident after a concerned parent emailed the video. She shared Berry's response.

Mount Markham email

We've left a message for the Superintendent. We'll update the story when we hear back.

Since the students involved were minors we chose not to post the video. You can watch it on Facebook.

For way to deal with bullying visit StopBullying.gov.


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