When you grow up in a certain area, there are always a few things that will just come naturally to you even if they make no sense to outsiders. Here's a few things everyone from the Mohawk Valley knows without trying.

Italian Food

Your recipe for riggies, pasta sauce, chicken parm, or any other Italian food is the best and there's no sense in trying others

Sports Teams Are Contested

The Giants, Bills or Jets are your team, but you have to deal with fans of the other teams claiming they're the state's team (think Yankees/Mets - Knicks/Nets - Rangers/Islanders)

Fastrac & Stewarts

Your City or town in the Mohawk Valley has one of each, and sometimes two

You Know Everyone

It's not hard to know a ton of people from each town in the area - networking rules in the Mohawk Valley

Route 5 & 5s

You clearly know the difference between the two, but can never say the correct one when you need to

Camo is King

Even if you don't hunt, you or someone in your house has at least one item with camo print

Local Commercials

Even though they might drive you crazy, you catch yourself singing along to a local jingle a few times a week

The Thruway

When you leave the Mohawk valley and hear people calling the Thruway 'Rt 90' or 'The 90,' you have no idea what they're talking about

The Boilermaker

You either run it, volunteer for it, or show up after it and drink Saranac beer

There you have it, if you are a Mohawk Valley native chances are you perfectly understand all of these.

Let us know if you have any more examples to add!