As FrogFest draws closer, we sat down with our headliner Jerrod Niemann and asked a few random questions. You won't believe some of his answers.

Q: What's your guilty pleasure
A: Anytime after midnight. The nocturnal hours are my guilty pleasure

Q: What's your strangest autograph request
A: I was on stage when someone threw a prosthetic leg. I asked if he really wanted me to sign it. I looked down and the Oak Ridge Boys had already signed it. So it's just me and the Oaks

Q: Chocolate or vanilla
A: How about white chocolate for a little bit of both worlds

Q: Favorite movie
A: Probably 'What Dreams May Come.' It just blew my mind. It's kind of like when I listened to 'That's My Job' by Conway Twitty, I can't get through it all without it blowing my mind.

Q: If you were reincarnated, who would you want to come back as
A: Bigfoot. Then I could live out in the country and just eat anything I want. There'd be all kinds of myths and legends about me. It'd be fun.

Q: If there was a movie made about your life, who would play you?
A: Well, who played Harry in 'Harry and the Henderson?' No I'd have to say Hunter Hayes just because by the time he's my age, I'll probably be dead.

Q: Your biggest musical influence
A: My favorite country artist of all time, and they all trickle down from there, is Lefty Frizzell. He's the best of the best in my opinion. Guys like Haggard, George Strait and Randy Travis, many people reference Lefty, the most underrated icon, legend we have.

Q: Which song do you wish was yours
A: Oh man, what a great question because there's so many great songs out there. 'I Wonder Do You Think of Me' by Keith Whitley

We'll be thinking of June 13th when Niemann headlines FrogFest at the Herkimer County fairgrounds, an event he's looking forward to too. "I'm honored to be a part of it and if anybody had any requests feel free to keep them to yourself because we're going to do what we want to do. No seriously, just bark out anything like drunken pirates and we'll try anything twice. We're going to have some fun," Niemann promises.

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Jerrod Niemann Practicing To Take on Cornhole Champs at FrogFest

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