Hey there! My name is Kari and I'm your new midday girl on Big Frog 104. I travelled over 2800 miles to come to Central New York and am loving it so far. I'm a little quirky, so I've put together a quick guidebook to get to know me a bit. Think of this as Kari 101.

Photo Credit - Todd Jakobsen

1. I was born and raised just north of Seattle, so I’m all about everything Pacific Northwest: trees, mountains, the ocean and the Seahawks. I graduated from Washington State University in May with a BA in Multimedia Journalism and love cheering on my Cougs. We gained some national attention from our College Gameday debut last October and from our mustache-donning quarterback Gardner Minshew. Go Cougs!

Photo Credit - Amanda Harle

2. My brother Dylan turned me onto country music when I was 17. He’s an artist and you may recognize his name (and his beard) from when he was on with Tad and Polly earlier this year! A few of my favorite artists are Brad Paisley, Dan + Shay and Jillian Jacqueline, but the full list is really long because there are SO many talented up and comers in country right now.

Photo Credit - Carissa Bauman

3. Even though country music is where my heart is, I will listen to just about every kind of music. I grew up listening to a LOT of punk rock, so much in fact I experienced a lot of mosh pits and had bangs that nearly covered my face by the time I was 11. Luckily the style was just a phase for me, but I can still rock out to a little Blink-182.


4. I love dogs. I know that hardly makes me special because, really, who DOESN’T like dogs? I’ve never had a pet before, but now that I am in Central New York, I think it’s about time to adopt a furry best friend. Instagram better be ready for a dog photo overload. Also, meet my friend Dash. He's an Instagram-famous dog from Washington.

Photo Credit: Ande Edlund

5. I’m a big fan of red wine. My best friend from college is a viticulture and enology major, so we’ve had many wine nights and she’s tried to teach me a little bit about different types of wine. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot taste the difference. I do know I’m a fan of Cabernets and Merlots though, and I've heard the Finger Lakes region is full of vineyards and wine trails. I cannot wait to check them out! While I love wine, I'm also open to other beverages. I tried Utica Club my first week in town and I even have a picture for proof!


6. I was a theatre kid in high school and, among a few other roles, my crowning moment as an actress was when I starred as a fork for the Be Our Guest scene in Beauty and the Beast. We looked sharp.


7. I am beyond excited to be in Central New York doing what I love and getting you through your workdays. I’m always looking for new places to check out, so feel free to call between 10-3 to let me know where I should go and what I should see. You can call 315-736-0104 or use the live chat on the Big Frog 104 app.