Joey Abt can cross several fire departments off his Summer bucket list after a visit to Westmoreland, where he got 7 for the price of 1.

Joey loves firefighters and wants to visit as many fire departments as he can. He even made a bucket list of all the places he hopes to visit this Summer. Wednesday, July 25th 7 different departments came together to give Joey his own fire truck spectacular after reading our story about Joey.

Cynthia Timins and Dave Hartwell organized the night that included firefighters and truck from all over central New York at the Westmoreland fire department to welcome Joey in grand style.

Joey toured the station, climbed on trucks and took plenty of pictures. He also leaves each station with a souvenir but I don't think he had enough hands for all the items he was given in Westmoreland. "Joey loved every minute of it," says Debby Fleming. "He wasn't just interested in trucks or the goodies he received from each department, he was very interested in knowing each person there, asking their name, where they were from and what their job was. Meeting Joey was such a honor."

Westmoreland Fire Dept
Clinton Fire Department
Stanwix Heights Fire Dept
Waterville Fire Dept
Whitesboro Fire Dept
Oriskany Fire Dept
Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

"It was a night I'll never forget," writes Joey on Facebook.

It's hard to tell who enjoyed the night more. "It was an honor to have Joey Abt come down and visit not only with myself and the Clark Mills Fire Department but many other local departments as well," says AJ Covel. "I hope you enjoyed your visit Joey and you’re welcome to come back anytime."

Joey Abt at Westmoreland Fire Department

Joey has been busy in central New York this Summer. He was the Jr. Grand Marshal of the Pirates Weekend Parade in Sylvan Beach and received shirts and patches from North Bay and McConnellsville fire department while he was in town.

Joey Abt
Joey Abt

Oneida area departments opened their firehouse a few weeks ago for Joey who went home with memories from Lee Center, Taberg, Lake Delta and Amcare Ambulance.

Joey may run out of ink crossing off all the departments from the bucket list he created in April.

Joey Abt
Joey Abt
Joey Abt
Joey Abt

See more of Joey's travels at Joey's Dirt Road Diary on Facebook.


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