There couldn't be much disappointing about a 10 million dollar mansion. So it must be me and my expectations. When a chance to glimpse inside Charlie Sheen's 10 Million Party Pad came up, I couldn't wait.

I expected to see black lights, psychedelic posters, and tiger blood. After all this is the home to marriage, divorce, lots of girlfriends and Charlie's famous meltdown on Two and a Half Men. Instead, it's a palatial estate with nearly 9-thousand square feet of space, 7 bedrooms and baths and a couple of pools in the Mulholland Estates area of Beverly Hills.

In true Charlie Sheen fashion, the 10 million dollar estate is on the market for $9,999,000. Neighbors include; Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Vanna White, and Kendall Jenner. With a 2 million down payment, payments would be about 40k a month. If that's in your budget, you can get listing information at


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