Whether you have lived in Central New York for a year or for your entire life, these thoughts are sure to have crossed your mind at least once.

 "Where's Rainbow? I Haven't Seen Him in a Few Weeks..."

Everyone knows Rainbow - You see him around Utica from time to time, standing outside restaurants, stores, and just wandering around (with his guitar of course). But every once in a while, he seems to disappear for a few weeks. Maybe he's just hanging out on another side of the city or you just keep missing him. Either way, if it has been a few weeks you'll wonder where he is.

"Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Shopping Carts?"

Yes, the shopping carts. There's no doubt you've seen abandoned shopping carts around the city. Usually they're in the most random spots - Like on top of a telephone pole, or halfway sunk on the edge of the Mohawk River. Lately, people have started taking pictures of these shopping carts and have been posting them all over Facebook. What's with the obsession? What's with the shopping carts?!

 "Why Do I Live in a Place That Gets So Cold?"

Summer is beautiful in Central New York but when fall and winter start moving in, you start to question why you live in the area. Not only does the cold weather make you want to hibernate until spring, but the snow is enough to drive you crazy. Even if it doesn't snow a lot, it snows for a long time. We can have snow falling from the sky all day, every day, for like 5 or 6 days. Who puts up with that?

 "Why Does Everyone and Their Brother Drive a Pick-Up Truck?"

Take a look at everyone driving. It seems like almost every other vehicle is a pick-up truck. Sure, some people need a truck for work or for their hobbies, but what about everyone else? It looks like pick-up trucks are the vehicle of choice in Central New York - Why?

"Someone Should Do Something with That Abandoned Building..."

You've probably noticed an abandoned building (or a few), while driving around. Your initial thought is something should be done with it. Then your mind starts coming up with ideas - Ideas of what the building could be, or if it were up to you it would be torn down, or whatever. Before you know it, you have a plan for every deserted building in Central New York.



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