Down the thruway in Albany, a man who was yelling and walking on the frozen Mohawk River was taken to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation.

The Daily Gazette reports that Schenectady police were called by Rivers Casino and Resort after security staff noticed a man out on the broken ice in the river.

Glenville police Chief Stephen Janik said the man initially ignored commands given to him by emergency responders to come off of the river when he was on the Schenectady side. The man continued walking over to the Glenville side of the river, he said.

There have been ice jams appearing on the Mohawk River, from Utica to Albany. Of course water is still running underneath the ice due to warmer temperatures. DO NOT attempt to cross the ice, or walk on the ice.

“It’s not a safe environment to be,” Janik said. “Taking that into consideration, that’s why we transported him [to the hospital] for a mental health evaluation.”

Police did not disclose the man’s identity.


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