They say opposites attract, you might also say they make for good arguments too.  Maybe it's the cold medication, but Polly and I threw down over who was the sickest and who was going to work.

The spat wasn't about who got to stay home, but who was actually going to the station.  (I guess that means we love our job.)  Now we have had some classic meltdowns, but this one might be the all time dumbest.  And it got to me thinking what are the stupid arguments couples seems to always fall into.  The obvious ones are money, the kids, housework; but I mean the really stupid ones.  God Bless the internet for answering these questions.

According to the website, the Top 5 Dumbest Arguments are:

1. Where to eat

2. Sides of the Bed

3. Laundry

4. Thermostat settings

5. What to watch

Boy I couldn't agree more with the top one.  It's like no one wants to make the decision as to where or what we are going to eat.  What's the dumbest things you argue about?  Share your answer below or join us on our Face Book page.


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