Back to school time will be here before you know it. Are you ready? You’re not going to want to ruin those backpacks. Here’s 5 items to have your kids NEVER put in their backpacks.

1) An Open Bag Of Chips

A bag of chips with you is a good idea in case you get hungry later on during the day. However, having an open bag of them is never a good idea. You can be running through the hall racing your friend to be the first one to class and your backpack would be bouncing up and down. When your backpack continues to keep on bouncing, chips can fall all over your back pack causing a huge mess. Also your books, binders, and notebooks will be bouncing around so the chips would be crushed causing a mess all around the bottom area of your backpack.


2) Tangled Up Headphones

Bringing headphones with you is a good idea so you can go listen to music or watch a video during down time. However, if you use ear buds, chances are they will be tangled up in a big knot causing you to take time to untangle them. Untangling headphones can seriously be challenging at times. Especially if you have big hands and big fingers. When they are tangled up, you will have less time in your free time at school to listen to music or watch some video.

3) Rotten Fruit

It’s always a good idea to bring snacks with you or bring an item that you can eat for lunch. But bringing fruit can be a questionable option. Make sure that you bring a lunch bag that can keep your fruit cold for a couple hours then so that your fruit doesn’t go bad. Fruit is a healthy snack to bring however, if your school lunches serve them, I suggest it’s a better idea to grab an apple from the lunch menu then. If you would rather prefer bringing food from home, go ahead and do it, but keep it nice and cold.


4) Homework That Is Not In A Binder

Obviously you should bring your homework to school so you can hand it in, keep your grades up, and not fail any classes. But bringing homework (such as a piece of paper not being in a binder) would be a bad idea. If your binder is bigger than your homework sheet, the homework sheet will probably rip up or tear up in half. I did this a lot during last year and my homework sheets got ripped a bunch of times which got annoying. With this being said, I advise people to bring your homework in a binder or folder so you can keep it nice and safe.


5) A Bottle Of Water With No Cap

Water bottles are a great item to bring with you to school every day. They have a bottle cap on top of them to keep any water from falling off. Do not show up to school with a bottle with no bottle cap. Water will fall all over you. I brought bottles to school with no bottle caps on them causing water to get on my homework, and my clothes sometimes. Now I check to make sure that I have a cap on before I leave for school so that way I won’t get a mess on anything.

***This post was written by our intern Josh Gubbins of Westmoreland. Josh is entering his senior year, and we wish him the best of luck.***