There's a lot more to life than keeping your place clean and making sure you aren't blowing money on hot rooms and hot water. You have a life. You have a job. You have friends. You have more-than-friends. But still, you have to keep your place clean and make sure you aren't blowing all your money, in case you want to enjoy your life and invite any of these friends and more-than-friends over.

Here are a few gadgets that can help out around the house (pics above, details below):

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Because you have this life with work, friends, gym and more-than-friends, you aren't at home a lot. So, if you aren't at home, there's no need to keep your space at a perfect 72 degrees. This is where a Wi-Fi thermostat, like a Nest or Ecobee, comes in. A Wi-Fi thermostat can learn the temps you like and your schedule and will control the feel of your home based on when you'll be there and save you money. You can also control them yourself remotely to get the place warmed up or cooled down just in time for that after dinner invite.

Boxing Laundry Bag

When life gets busy, you often have to choose between cleaning up and working out. If only there were a way to keep your space and physique in shape at the same time. Enter this boxing laundry bag. Load it up with your dirty laundry and then get in that cardio kickboxing workout they're always overcharging you for at the gym. Plus, it saves closet space by giving you a separate place for your laundry, hidden out in the open.

Knax Zjup Shoe Rack

This sleek, modern and space-saving shoe storage system from Loca is the answer to your tidy entrance problems. No more piles of dirty shoes blocking your front door. Show your guests how organized you are with this simple machine. Your Roomba won't put the shoes in there for you, but at least you'll have somewhere to put them when it's time for the robot to clean.


This little robot friend is worth the small handful of cash you will drop on it. For a few hundred bucks, you have someone who will always vacuum your pad on schedule. This is way less expensive than a housekeeper. You just program it to vacuum at a specific time, make sure your laundry is off the floor that day, and then come home to a freshly vacuumed apartment. Have a feeling you'll be inviting someone up at the end of the night? Just hit the “clean” button while you're getting ready and it looks like you've got it all together.

Evolve Showerhead

It's time to stop letting your money go down the drain while you wait for your shower to warm up. The Evolve showerhead allows you to accomplish other things in the morning while the water in your shower gets warm. Simply install the Roadrunner II low-flow showerhead or the Ladybug adapter (for use with any showerhead) and start the water in the shower. When the water reaches the right temperature, the showerhead shuts off until you get into the shower and pull the cord to resume the water flow.

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