Calling all cat lovers. Recently, an unidentified person showed up at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society with over 30 kittens and simply left them at the shelter.

According to a Facebook post from SSHS:

"A person showed up at the shelter, was very uncooperative and threatened to let them loose in parking lot if we didn't take them all. So we weren't able to get any information of where they came from but there are 36 kittens ranging from 3 to 11 weeks old and only 3 moms."

Being that there is only 3 mothers and so many kittens, all three mothers had already begun to dry up of milk.

Right now three of the kittens that were ready for adoption have found homes, but the rest will need loving homes in the coming months. If you have been wanting to add to your family now is the time to start preparing.

Contact the shelter at (315) 738-4357, or through their Facebook page for more info on the adoption process and the status of the kittens.

If adoption isn't your thing, but you still want to help, the shelter is always in need of supplies to care for all of the animals. As of today, they are caring for 180 cats and kittens and go through about 50 cans of cat food every day.

Helping through donations is easier than ever with the Stevens-Swan Humane Society wish list. Simply pick out the items you would like to donate and they can be shipped straight to the shelter.




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