Three year old Daniella has become an internet sensation.  She's the daughter Captain Dan Moen, a soldier from Fort Drum, who was leaving on a nine month deployment.  Daniella, wanting to be like daddy, salutes as the National Anthem is played.  The photo, taken by Daniella's mom Sasha, made NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams tonight.

I was actually in the kitchen with the TV on in the living room, when I heard Fort Drum mentioned.  I rewound the story and saw this adorable picture on NBC.  I even paused the TV so I could take a picture.


The photo was posted on Facebook with the status:

Daniella, daughter of Capt. Dan Moen, 1-89 CAV (RECON), U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division, salutes behind her father as the National Anthem is played at a deployment ceremony on January 11 at Fort Drum, NY. Photo by Sasha Moen

What a wonderful family moment for the world to share. The picture and story was also shown on HLN's 'Morning Express with Robin Meade' every hour from 6-10am.  Now that's coverage!  Sasha Moen saluted her brave husband on air and Daniella even had a few words for daddy.  Watch and try no to tear up.  Thanks Sasha for sharing!

Let hope Captain Moen comes homes safe and sound from his tour in Afghanistan to reunite with his beautiful family.