While most of us are thinking about turkeys in the oven and Christmas shopping, 3 Oneida County 4-H Youth are thinking about national competitions. The trio will head to Louisville to compete in National 4-H Horse, Dairy and Livestock Contests.
Anne Born of Westernville, Kathleen Gallagher of Waterville and current Oneida County Dairy Princess, Abigail Wratten of Oriskany Falls are the competitors. They'll hit the road over the next couple of weeks.

Anne Born qualified in the Horse Communications category Public Speaking with her presentation titled “War Donkey.” Her competition is this Saturday.

Kathleen Gallagher and Abigail Wratten both qualified for the National Dairy Judging Contest this Sunday. Both will also return next weekend for more competitions. Kathleen qualified in the National Livestock Skill-A-Thon Contest on November 13th. Abigail Wratten has a spot in the National Livestock Judging Contest on November 14th.


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