Perhaps it's because we live here, but sometimes we don't appreciate just how "wilderness" of an area the Adirondack's Region can be.   Both of these stories have a happy ending, but it's the "What Could Have Been" that is scary. 

2 people became lost in the wilds near dark this past weekend. Both were rescued by Rangers with the Department of Environmental Conservation.

In both rescue scenarios it was nearing darkness when the DEC's Ray Brook Dispatch received the calls. Around 6:30 Saturday night a 24 year old man became lost near Marcy Dam. To make matters worse; he had very poor cell reception, a low battery and no flashlight. With a limited description of his location, a Ranger located the man and assisted him back to the car.

In the second case, a 55 year old man became separated from his hunting party near Crane Pond Road in the town of Schroon. Working with Essex County 911 a Ranger was able to obtain coordinates to the man's location and lead him back to his group. This man was better equipped for the elements and had even built a fire to stay warm.

This time of the year is especially dangerous with plummeting temperatures at night and weather conditions changing quickly.  The DEC suggest always hike with a compass and a map of the area and check weather conditions (even in the summer) before you start your hike. The DEC website has more tips on safe hiking and information on traversing the Adirondack back country.

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