Darien Lake is working on plans for their biggest roller coaster since 1999's 'Ride of Steel.'

BuffaloNews.com is reporting that the theme park's officials have filed paperwork with Genesee County to build the new coaster.

There's no word what the new thrill ride would be called, but some details that have come out say it could hit speeds upwards of 62 mph.

The best part is the main feature of the coaster that will bring you straight up about 100 feet at 90 degrees with a decent that drops you beyond vertical!

The company who is designing the coaster has built others with similar 'Euro-fighter' style designs, and those reach heights of 141 feet with vertical drops that reach 120 degrees.

If approved, the unnamed coaster will be added to the space where the Thunder Rapids Log Flume ride is now, and of course that one would be demolished to make room.

Right now the new roller coaster is in the planning stages, and board members are set to give their recommendations to the town of Darien at a meeting on November 9.

A decision could be reached by the end of December.

You can see photos of the concept at BuffaloNews.com and WKBW.com.

In a statement Darien Lake said they hope to release full details of the new ride in the coming weeks.





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