New York farmer Richard Burch lost 90 pigs and 30 cows to a fire at his farm in Fort Ann New York. The farm is located on Dewey’s Bridge Road, and the future is unknown for the farm. 

WGNA reports that this family has been owned by Richard and his wife for over 30 years. Richard is 70 years old, and doesn't know where to start with relief. Newschannel 13 reports that the family didn’t own insurance and estimate the damage at around 1 million dollars to his 350 acre property. In addition to losing the animals and 2 barns, the Fort Ann farmer also lost his truck and tractor.

The farmer is more devastated that he couldn't help his animals:

“I cut the wires and went in to see if I could get the gates open,” Richard Burch said. “But they were all laying down. The smoke was so bad.”

“I'm sorry I couldn't get my pigs out, calves,”"

The farmer is lost at the moment with what to do next.



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