If you had 12 hours to eat 12 different restaurants worth of chicken wings, who would you choose?

Bon Appétit web editor Alex Delany put together a YouTube series where he tries all sorts of food. In July he decided to head out to Buffalo and search for the best Buffalo wings in the City.

If you don't have the 18 minutes to devote to watching a stranger eat chicken wings, here's the following wing spots spotlighted:

1. The Lenox Grill
2. Gabriel’s Gate
3. Anchor Bar
4. Cole’s
5. Elmo’s
6. Duff’s
7. Glen Park Tavern
8. Gene McCarthy’s
9. Doc Sullivan’s
10. The Blackthorn
11. Mammoser’s
12. Bar-Bill Tavern"

If this was in Central New York, where would you take this challenge on?

Here's a quick list I would hit up:

1) Cianfrocco's Subs & Wings in Rome

2) La Romas Pizza in Rome

3) Pizza Boys of New York Mills

4) Knuckle Heads in New Hartford

5) Slice Pizzeria in Utica

6) Italian Chef in Utica

7) Cavallo's in New Hartford

8) Swifty’s Restaurant & Pub in Utica

9) Crazy Clam in Sylvan Beach

10) Lukin's of Utica

11) Grandes of Westmoreland

12) Tonys of Utica


Do you agree with my hit list?


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