A Camden boy is a hero after saving a cat everyone else gave up for dead.

Jayden Rattray and his grandmother Karen Hall were on their way home when they noticed a cat in the road off Route 69 in Camden. They stopped and moved it to the side but  Jayden asked if he could go back and pick her up. "I wasn't going to just let it sit there. I couldn't do that."

When Jayden brought the cat back to the car they noticed her back leg was bleeding. "It looked like she was hit by a car," Karen said.

Karen called the local vet while they waited for police to arrive. "The vet told us unless we were willing to take financial responsibility they couldn't help and the police said to just leave the cat where it was."

Jayden refused to leave the cat to die, holding her in his arms for 2 hours. Karen made several calls and finally found a place to get the cat some help. "Clinton Pet Vet told us if we could get the cat to them, they would take care of her," Karen said.  "They didn't have to take the cat. And they covered the bill until we decided to pay for it."

Photo Credit - Karen Hall

Although Jayden was upset to let the cat go, he called the vet everyday to check on her status. "He even offered to pay for the vet bill with his own money."

While the cat was having surgery to stitch up her leg, Karen and Jayden tried to find the owner on social media but Karen said nobody has come forward. Jayden is bringing the cat home knowing he'll have to give her up if someone does come forward. "She's declawed, so someone owned her," he said. "I know it's not really mine and they probably love the cat. I'll be upset if I have to give her up but I'll get over it eventually."

Jayden has appropriately named the cat Lucky. And that she is. Lucky Jayden found her and Clinton Pet Vet stepped in to help when no one else would.

Photo Credit - Karen Hall

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