One of my favorite events during the "Frog Days of Fall" is Halloween, and although I don't get dressed up in costume, I still remember some of the costumes that I wore as a kid, and my kids wore too.

Each year, there's a hot new character. Remember years ago when you answered the doorbell on Halloween Night, and every other kid was Darth Vader? We've seen a lot of Batmans, Wonder Women, Fairy Princesses and Ninja Turtles over the years.

I still remember when we used to dress up in costume at school. The very first Halloween costume I can remember wearing was Popeye, complete with those fake tatooed muscles and corn cob pipe.

Our kids were everything from Big Bird, "Sleeping Beauty's" Maleficent and ballerinas to Uncle Sam, the ghost from "Scream" and pumpkins! And my wife and I got into the act one year when we dressed up as  a witch and Count Dracula! The costumes I never went in for were the political ones - you know with the mask of a current or former president. I prefer the mummies and ghouls!

So, who knows what will be ringing your doorbell this year. Probably a Spider-Man or two, and certainly more fair princesses.