Stress. We all have it in some form or another, and maybe some of us have it more than others due to our line of work. During the "Frog Days of Fall", I thought maybe it's a good time to take a look at the stressometer (is there such a thing). As a radio announcer, I have deadlines about every three minutes, having to say something on the air or prepare for the next song or break. Although that schedule may be hectic at times, it's not all that stressful once you get used to the hurry-up offense of radio broadcasting.

According to, here are the top five most stressful jobs. If you don't see your job listed, that may be because they haven't found out about it yet.

#5 - Police Officer

#4 - Surgeon

#3 - Taxi Driver

#2 - Corporate Executive

And Number One Most Stressful Job - Firefighter

Even though people's jobs may be stressful, many people love doing what they do, stress and all!