At Big Frog 104, we love animals. We're sure that you do too and probably have a few pets. In the Greg "Splashin'" McShea household, our pets are like kids to us, so we always name them with people names (no Spots, Fluffys or Buttercups).

Now, there's a new survey conducted by Veterinary Pet Insurance with a list of the most unusual or bizarre names that people give their pets. So, here it is, and maybe you've named one of your pets with one of these (although I highly doubt it).

Top 10 Unusual Dog Names:

10. Barnaby Jones

9. Geez Louise

8. Bettie Poops (Obviously not house-trained yet.)

7. Flopsy Squeakerton (What were they thinking, or drinking?)

6. Dog Vader (clever!)

5. Molly McBoozehound (I picture a St. Bernard with a little rum keg around it's neck).

4. Ninjastar Dangerrock (I'm not going near their house!)

3. Badonkadonk (Must be Trace Adkins' dog.)

2. Lord Chubby Pruneface

And...the number one bizarre dog name: Pickle Von Corndog

Top 10 Unusual  Cat Names:

10. Tasselhoff (Must be a fru-fru cat.)

9. Chenoa Zaure Marshmallow-Puff (Do you think this cat could possibly remember its own name?)

8. Watts in a Name (Sounds like a horse I lost money on in the Kentucky Derby.)

7. Boo Manchu

6. Chairman Meow (Must be a red cat.)

5. Optimus Pants

4. Admiral Pancake

3. Cleocatra (Very creative.)

2. Bing Clawsby (Ba, ba boom, I'm dreaming of a white kitty.)

And the number one bizarre cat name: Purr Diem